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T-Sprit Software Updates

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Hi folks, new to this forum after just purchasing a 2006 Prius t-spirit 2 weeks ago, only had 25k on clock and fully serviced by toyota so was and absolute gem of a find.

Anyways car is working brilliantly and we are really happy with it, just wanted to ask a few pointers to see if we have just missed things ort they are not features of the car

Auto windscreen wipers - is this not a feature on the uk t-spirit

Auto headlights - again is this not a feature

Is there an update anyone knows of for the audio software on the car, the reason I ask is that I have fitted an ipod system to the cd changer port and all the videos on youtube show that the stereo can display track info, unfortunately all these video are of the US car so just wondered if anyone knew if track info was even possible on a uk prius

Probably going to have lots of questions as we settle into using the car but so far really happy

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Auto wipers and auto headlights are not a feature on my later 2008.

I don't know about the iPod interface or CD changer interface.

Edit: This morning I spent a few minutes looking at the Data CD with mp3 handling and what I wrote previously was to put it politely rubbish.

It displays Folder and File names from the Data CD.

The display of Folder/File names is available from the Audio button at any time and appears to be available whilst moving (I didn't spend too long looking at this and I was moving quite slowly at the time).

From Steering wheel changing track or CD only displays the CD, track number, etc, at the top of the display.

I could display mp3 information if I selected a individual track to looks at the details.

Probably does not help as it could be different with the external CD changer interface.

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We are very pleased with our gen 2 too. I cant offer a positive answer to any of your questions unfortunately, but would agree that auto wipers and lights would be nice.

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I always see these as more trouble than they are worth. When it is raining I switch on the wipers. When it is dark, I switch on the lights. Simple. And I can switch them off too. When the blackbox that controls these auto functions goes crazy it will cost a packet to fix.

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I don't mind the auto lights to a point. That is going under the local railway bridges below a main station means they come on briefly and go off again. Looks like I'm flashing people. Even got shouted at for it once...

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one function i miss the most is heated mirrors. it would nice to press a button to demist it in the morning rather than going around the car for this.

anyway OP, glad you're enjoying your car. i am 1 year into my 06 T spirit and still love it.

Tired removing the wheel covers to reveal the better looking alloys?

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