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Yaris 2009 Tr - Rear View

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The topic is really ambigious so apologies for that.

Basically on the rear underside of my Yaris on the rear passenger side I can see a big suspension spring - the bottom of it being about 2" higher than the bottom of the exhaust. I've never seen it on any other car and wondered if it was normal - I'll get a pic tonight. I can only see this one though and not any other.

I don't suppose anyone has a rear low down picture of the above model? I've tried google, etc. but cant find a decent picture.


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Just popped out and took some pics of the underside of mine (2009 TR). It is a 1.33 so the exhaust may or may not look different from yours.

Not sure if the spring you're talking about is shown here but I've always thought mine was pretty normal though.

If it's the one I think you mean, there's one on the drivers side too, it's just hidden behind the exhaust, maybe it's easier to see with the 1.33 exhaust.

Hope this helps,




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Thanks it was the passenger side and it's a 1.33 and matches exactly - I was referring to the big spring (technical term!) shown in the passenger picture above - it looked really low to me but yours looks identical so I guess it's ok!

Thanks again!

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