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Daytime Running Lights

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I've been looking at the following DRL's http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/LED-DRL-for-Toyota-Yaris-2012-Daytime-Running-Lights-LED-Fog-Lamp-Free-Shipping/806628_686324529.html and have been debating whether these are legal or not?

I have a friend who will help fit them to my Yaris 2012, but he is telling me that they are spotlights and are only legal to be turned on during poor visibility - but these aren't spotlights, are they?

Can anyone clear this up for me (us) please? I wish to find DRL's that fit into the lower right/left brackets of my car and this appears to be the only place I can purchase them.


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http://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/d94b2018-94c6-4ebd-9f29-f56c23c696df/Yaris_DRL_RHD_PZ426_B0511_00_AIM_002_505_2.pdf would these not do, they are the Toyota official accessory kit. The kit you link to fits into the fog lamp position which differs from Toyota official positioning.

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The price of those put me off a little bit. I am currently looking at Philips DRL8 - however, I've measured the grille of my car and it does not seem big enough to fit the Philips DRL's with 600mm space between them (by several mm).

Is it really necessary for them to be exactly over 600mm apart? Or would several mm be okay?

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