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Low Brake Pedal

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The mother in laws 1996 r4 needs new front brake pads. I am going to swap them tomorrow, however, the pedal traval at the moment is shocking. If replacing the pads and bleeding the system doesn't sort it is there anything at the rear drum to be adjusted? The hand brake is ok. I haven't looked inside a drum brake in 25 years....

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The rear shoes are self adjusting but the adjusters tend to seize over time - check, clean and lubricate the rear brakes - excessive free movement will increase pedal travel. Ensure that the handbrake has at least 4 clicks free play otherwise the brakes won't self adjust. Worn / seized pads can also lead to excessive travel. It's not a bad idea to flush and bleed the brake fluid on routine. Toyota recommends fluid change at 2 yearly intervals. If the pedal height rises with rapid pumping of the brake pedal (after evacuating the servo) - there's air in the system.

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