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Keyless Entry

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Hi All.

So this thought crossed my mind, since my 2012 Rav 4 has keyless entry and a push button start/stop which incidently i love this feature, the car has 2 sets of 'keys' and of course either alarm'key pad will open or start the car as long as it is within range but my question is do the batteries, i am guessing CR2025 or CR2032's, (Please advise), transmit a signal all the time even when say they are in my house therefore running down their charge or does the car somehow make the 'black box' of the keys transmit a signal only when both are in range of each other. I tend to use either 'keypad' to use the car but if say i kept one on a drawer at home would the batteries still run down at maybe the same rate as the constantly used set. Is is advisable to say change the batteries on an annual basis or is this not necessary if one keypad is never used? Cheers all, Mike169

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Keep BOTH keys as far apart from yer car as your ancestral pile allows them to be Mike, and your fob stops searching for its best pal, yer car, and they lose touch. Keys left within close range will indeed "chat" to car and vice versa I was assured.

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Hi Big Kev.

Thanks for your reply buddy.

I have done a 'test' and when the keys are further than about 10 feet away the car doors won't unlock so i assume anything further than this point the batteries are dormant and in reality in my case they are 25 feet away so am not concerned about any current drain.

The system itself i think is very intelligent as if i were to say leave the keys within the car and try to lock it from the outside pushing the black buttons within the door handles of course the system won't allow it and lets you know the keys are somewhere inside the car...........nice one Mr T.

Regards Mike169

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