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Few Questions B9010 ('08 Avensis) Line In.

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Hello, Peeping in after 2 years. I'm now owning a Toyota T25 (2008) with the B9010 Satnav. Looking over the internet for a solution to somehow connect a device to have at least an AUX input to listen to music from a device. Does someone have a solution or a usefull link(s) to point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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For people still looking for a solution: I have found a way.

I have bought this device: MN-BUA-TOY2 , brand is "Mantson".
at this site from the Netherlands:

You must posses a male-male usb cable, a FAT32 formatted usb stick (i used a japanese kingmax 8gm 10y old, i dont know if newer usb sticks work). An the file named "Toyota_CarInterface_19062213.MVA": This is a custom firmware for the MN-BUA-TOY2 to work with the B9010. I inserted it in a rar file as attachment.

Then follow these steps:

1) Format your USB stick (FAT32) so it's empty, Copy the Toyota_CarInterface_19062213.MVA file (from .rar) to the USB (no folders).
2) Connect the usb to the interface (in the usb port with the usb logo) and then connect the male-male usb from your computer to the usb port from the interface with the power icon (so it's powered) There will be no indication light or anything that will tell you what's happening...

3) Leave it powered for more than a minute, the interface will do its work (installs the firmware automatically).
4) Disconnect the interface from the computer and remove the usb stick. the go to you car.
pre5) dissasebly of your dashboard to get behind the radio: 

5) Car Power should be off, radio should be off. (no key in contact). Connect the interface with the accompanied 6+6 pin cable to the CD- Changer Port (You can use a Y Cable if it's occupied )


2 audio sources can be played simultaneously but i do not advise this (i have no cd port but theoretically this should not be a problem, but i couldn't test this). 
6) Connect the microphone and the aux cable.
7) Power your vehicle so the B9010 turns on, press the "disc" button.
8) The blue light on the interface turns on (when you switch source to radio/other, the interface turns back off)
Should look like this:


But the selected cd port is 1 and the tracks look different (used image from other forum post). Just leave it like that, dont press anything else.
9) Enable bluetooth on you phone (i have a lenovo P2 Android 7.0) and let it search. It will take about 1 to 2 min to find the "MANTSON" Device. Let it connect and you should be able to play music and make phonecalls. (pick up with V and decline or hang up with ^). 

Unfortunately artist image and track information will not be available but you can play prev en next song with the V and ^ buttons on your steering wheel, so you at least have music.

Same counts for aux input as audio source

Using a usb stick (with music on it) i have not tested yet, but reading other similar posts you can only make 6 maps on it with 1 to 99 tracks per map (acts as a cd changer machine)

There is a cheaper solution, explained here: and you can buy this device here: .
But again, i did not test this, just helping with more information.

I hope i helped some of you and my apologies for bad English (not native language)

Kind Regards,




Ps: File is scanned with malwarebytes, Bitdefender and virustotal and was virus/malware free, but can still be infected again by placing it online so be sure to scan it again.


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