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New Yaris Clutch

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Hey all,

I am looking at replacing the clutch on my 2005 yaris Tsport - there is slight judder every now and then, stiffness and always had that annoying squeak from the clutch release bearing (appeared just outside of its warranty!).

Question 1: Is it best to get the Toyota clutch rather than a ADL Blueprint - Everything points to the Toyota but is there a massive difference?

Question 2: Does anyone have experience of buying from burrowstoyotaparts? Looks like there are few threads on here for them,,,,think they have an ebay thing too. I have often done part number searches in the past but only recently seen them.

Many thanks


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I've ordered Oil from Burrows, and found the service to be very good.

E-bay shops I've come across are:





Also don't forget Parts King - Lindop Toyota - details on the Community page, under Sponsors Corner.

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I've gone for the Toyota clutch in the end. I got the clutch kit for £171 delivered from burrows Toyota parts in the end - I agree with you there. Very good service and delivered quickly.

Its was only £50 more than the cheapest retailer selling the ADL kit from MPD, as its a big job, thought it best to stick with Toyota parts!



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