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Corolla T Sport Clutch.

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My t sport 2002 clutch does smell a bit when u rev and stay on bitting point for longer than few seconds, also there is a slight judder when moving off.pedal is not high and clutch does not slip. But there is always a kick when lifting foot from pedal after changing gears.i always have to release pedal very gently to avoid this.

Car is done 71000 miles. Dont know when last time clutch done.

How much does a decent clutch cost? Best brands? Or toyota original clutch kit is better?

How much is labour to replace clutch kit at a garages?

Thx for your help guys. Any suggestions appreciated

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Standard clutch kits, bought separately range from £100 - £200, like of blueprint, LUK, Exedy. Chances are if you have a fitting from a non Toyota fitter they will put one of these in rather than Toyota's preferred clutch.

Fitting including parts is probably going to be in the region of £350 (minimum) and upward depending where you go, but worth ringing around. Toyota prices seem to vary from area to area.

It might be just an adjustment you need if its not slipping.. i.e. its not fully releasing. Mine tends to smell especially when held under load on an incline with too many revs, doesn't slip though and its jittery as hell when changing at low speeds so have to be especially careful.

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