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Fuel In France

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Apologies if this has been dealt with before....

I'm off on holiday next week - driving down through France to Spain in my 07 Gen 2. Does anyone know anything about the availability of petrol, in particular: In France, is "ordinary" 95 still available or is it all that E10 kind AND if only E10 was available would it be okay to use.


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Fuel in France is the same as the UK. Some fuel stations are not manned on Sundays and evenings so will only accept card payment. Not all cards are accepted, so don't run low on fuel.

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You will find an increase of E10 petrol in France. It can work in the Prius, the gen3 at least but it does give slightly less mpgs due to it containing slightly less power.

To put your mind at ease, E10 is virtually the only petrol available in the US and also their octane is lower than our Premium in Europe (even after accounting for their different rating system).

This link might answer your query (but be wary about entering any information!);


though if you're worried the best people to call are Toyota.

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Added Ethanol was quick political fix to reduce CO2 emissions from ordinary petrol engines, but less useful in a Toyota Hybrid Engine because it seems to be a bit more sensitive to the power loss (that ordinary cars also experience), so I wouldn't be surprised if it does not increase CO2 emissions in a Prius by effectively requiring more fuel to travel the same distance - now that would be funny! (There's no such thing as a free lunch)

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Just come back from a 3014 mile round trip down to Spain, in a 2013 Spirit....no petrol problems, and tended to use V power when available, as the mark up is so much less than the UK....usually bought from a Mway services, as local gas stations can be a bit scarce and nearly always closed on Sunday

fully loaded over the total mileage, the car returned 57.6 mpg with a Pyrenees crossing both ways, plus Motorway runs

my lack of power was probably due to the fact that the top of the rear wheels were not really visible....nevertheless on Power setting used to climb the Bielsa Pass, the car easily kept up with the hot shoes

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The ethanol fuel started to appear in France about 10 years ago and is safe to use in your Prius. However I generally avoid it personally because I find there is a reduction in power and increased consumption which more than offsets the slightly lower price.

Most branded petrol stations have gone over entirely to SP95-E10 but supermarkets still stock SP95 which is my usual choice. The majority of supermarkets are closed on Sunday but have automatic pumps. I've heard that some credit cards don't work in France but I believe these are Amercan-issued cards and I've never had problems myself with Mastercards or Visa.

You can find fuel availability and prices at each petrol station on this French government website


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I think you'd have to think twice, three times and then once more before visiting Spain in your car these days;


"If the Guardia Civil observe a motoring offence and note the vehicle
registration number, this provides sufficient evidence to prosecute- no
need for them to stop vehicles."

Call me a cynic but I have a feeling foreign registered cars driven in Spain are going to be hammered, just like they were back in the 60's and 70's. Spain is skint and what better way to get a few €uros into Police coffers? And now they can transfer the points onto your UK licence.

A counter argument is not to speed, but the town limits appear to be reduced to 20 kph (12 mph!) and the fines apply if you go over by 1 kph and the Police don't even have to stop you.

Open to abuse or what? I for one won't be hiring a car or driving to Spain again.

EDIT: Further link added; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2711713/Holidaymakers-Spain-face-325-fine-going-just-1km-speed-limit-points-taken-licence.html

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Grumpy...you are a cynic

Interestingly, on our drive down to Spain, on one particular small town B&B, we were having breakfast in a busy dining room, when 2 cops cars arrive outside, and 5 Guardia Civil Trafico blokes pile out, all packing heat, pull 2 tables together, and unload mobile phones and smokes....

the waitress without being asked, brings them 5 glasses, a plate of olives, and a LITRE OF RED WINE

later that day, while passing through another small town, a Guardia steps out from the kerb, and waves about 3 cars in, myself being one of them.....he walks up carrying a blown-in-to business, and asks (in English) if I have had a drink that morning "solo cafe con leche, senor"..

........(.but I know some of your mates who have!!!!!)

down in Los Alcazeres, while cycling along an endless pedestrian walkway, next to the beach and sea, all marked No Cycling, when we spot a Guardia car driving slowly our way......"ah gee, were goosed" I think, (remembering the jobsworth coppers in an empty Hyde Park), when they drive straight passed without a glance, far more interested in the scantily clad senoriitas, and probably wondering how they could 'arrest' on or two, without the wife finding out

Viva Espana!

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