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Wingmirror Yaris Sr

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hi everyone

I have a yaris 2012 yaris SR

some delightful person hit my drivers side wing mirror when I was at work

took the cover clean off and cracked the indicator glass and part of that is missing as well (still works thankfully) I found the cover and have managed to clip it back on (what was left off it )

I asked Toyota for a quote on a new one, I was expecting a high price but they came bac with £377 frp a new painted one ....

  • will the car pass a MOT with a part of the indicator glass missing
  • where can I get a new wingmirror cheaper than £377 ???

many thanks


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Choices are:

1. Get one from a vehicle breakers

2. Scour ebay for a secondhand one

3. Send Parts King a personal message detailing your car and what you want - you may get some discount

4. If you have a service plan, dealers often give 10% or similar off parts

5. If you live near a Vantage Toyota, they're advertising 10% off parts for TOC members

As far as I'm aware the indicator comes as one complete unit - you cannot just buy the lens.

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If the main mirror housing is intact then there is no need for a complete mirror as spare parts can be ordered:

RH indicator unit - 81731-0D080

RH Mirror cover - 89715-0D909 cover comes primered and will need painting.


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