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Evening all ,

apologies if this has been posted before...

I am looking at a Auris prev gen facelift model TR 1.33 (2011).

is there any commons faults?

anything to look out for when giving it the 'once over' ?

many thanks!!

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If you look at the following Honest John review - especially the Good & Bad section - you will see the petrol models are pretty problem free: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/toyota/auris-2007/

I've had two from new - a 2009 1.33 and the my current 2012 1.33. Only issue I had with the 2009 Auris was a broken cupholder, and with the 2012 Auris a failed tailgate strut - both replaced under warranty.

The 1.33 has Stop/Start - just be aware of the operating parameters (which are outlined in the owners manual - as there are a number of factors where the system is designed not to operate.

6th gear is a high gear and on motorways an incline often means a change down to 5th - not a problem, just something to be aware of.

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No problems with 1.33 engine. I had one, very reliable. Start/stop doesent always work as it depends on Battery charge, exterior temperature, interior temperature and engine temperature.

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