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Hi All,


Hoping for some advice here.

bought a MR2 roadster recently.

Handles great in the dry but it's that bad in the wet it's scary.

Checked the tyre sizes and found that the previous owner has deviated from the stock sizes. He fitted 195/50/15 all round on after market alloys.

Am I correct in guesing this is what could be causing the problem?

Am I  a lot safer reverting back to the sizes they should be?

Or is it my driving? Lol

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iirc the stock is 195/55/15 - I doubt that little difference is the cause. Much more likely is the condition or type of tyre fitted.

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It's going to be the condition, age or brand of tyre fitted to the car that's the issue.

I fitted my car once (when I was skint) with brand new Sailun tyres for £20 each. They were the worst tyres I've ever used. The moment the clouds spat a bit of moisture on to the ground the car would go in a straight line when you were going round a roundabout. 

Plus older tyres will lose their tactness after a time.

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I know you may balk at this idea, because it can stifle your Summertime go karting fun, but fitting all-season tyres is a nice safe choice for a car like yours.

I've run Bridgestone A001 all-season tyres and currently use Goodyear Vector 4seasons, and they offer safe, controlled handling in all weathers. Ok, I only drive an Aygo, but I'd rather arrive safe at my destination, than a detour to A&E :ohmy:

I owned a Mk1 MR2 many years ago, and I remember it was absolutely ghastly on anything less than perfectly dry. I even stuck a couple of sandbags in the bonnet compartment, to try to lessen the mad handling, but I never felt totally safe. Lovely car, but ultimately deeply flawed.

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UniRoyal tyres have a good rep for wet weather performance.

Of the tyres I've used, Cooper CS2s were the worst I've had in the wet, while Continental Premium Contact 5's were the best, but I found they wore down really really quickly.

My fav. tyres at the moment is a tie between Premium Contact 2 and Goodyear EfficientGrip (Also Dunlop StreetResponse 2).

This is for a Mk1 Yaris tho' so these experiences may be of limited value to an MR2!!

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I've got Maxxis street racing tyres that I inherited when I bought a set of alloys, they have been a revelation to me. Amazing grip in the dry and the wet.

I've also had Toyo's, they've been quite good. But recently I bought two Yokohama's for the front of my 107 and they've been brilliant. I was told before that they were great in the wet, and while not on a par with the Maxxis ones, they've been very good!

From experience though "mid-range" tyres (Your Toyo's, Hankook's, Maxxis') have been a good balance on grip, durability and cost. The more expensive you go, I don't think they last as long. The cheaper you go (in to no-name Chinese territory) they last longer but grip like an ice cube on wet ice.

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