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https problems

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I haven't been able to connect to the website for the past few days; Assumed server was down but just noticed the error was to do with TLS/SSL handshakes and not just being able to connect!

It seems at some point the webserver has dropped all encryption protocols except Elliptical Curve Cryptography ones, which Opera 11 doesn't support :(

Is there any chance you could re-enable some of the non-EC encryption methods please??


At the moment only supports:



if you could re-enable any of these that should let my Opera 11 access the site again!



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2 hours ago, Cyker said:

which Opera 11 doesn't support :(

Opera 11, that's going back a few years! :tongue:

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Ugh, I know, but I just can't *stand* the dumbed down limited and resource gobbling browsers that are now mainstream. You can't even rebind hotkeys or change toolbar buttons in most of them. Hell, Chrome doesn't even *have* a toolbar now, and all its settings and config options are hidden away in the nonsensical 'Advanced' section or the chrome:**** secret hidden config sections!

It just sucks that sites like ToC work just fine in Opera, but just because of the SSL protocols being removed I can't access the site with my favourite browser :(


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