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2002 1.6 Corolla Rev Counter and Temp Aren't Working?

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Hi there was just wondering if anyone had a similar issue, My car gauges were broken as I was cleaning in behind them (dirty previous owner) and I have bought a new binnacle and had the mileage adjusted to the old mileage however when I plug everything back in the tempature gauge and rev counter don't work, Speedo and fuel are fine. Can't seem to find any information on this was wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction. 

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Assume your 'New' binnacle was second hand,  did it all  work ok before you 'clocked' it ?

No idea about the cable wiring as its a very integrated unit, worth double checking the connectors are fully home and no wires come loose.

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Hi thanks for your reply and yeah all seemed okay double, temp gauge was definitely working, but nothing now from revs or temp double checked the pins all seem okay so pretty stumped. It's a mystery 

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From what I can see the temp gauge and tach info  for the  Combination Meter/Dashboard are from connections to the ECM, rather than a sensor direct to the Meter as with the speedo.

It could be when you damaged (?) your original dash you also electrically blew part of the ECM , so you new dash does not work.

The only way you can prove where the fault is, is by fitting a 100% known good dash, ( though if the ECM is faulty you could damage the new dash, if thats whats happened already ?) or  - you need to have the tacho and temperature pins of the ECM read out to ensure they are working ok, or replace the ECM with second hand unit.

However doing so always risks introducing more faults than it cures as whoever sells it rarely knows its the exact one for your car or that its working 100%, unless you go to a specialist ecm repairer.

Might be worth speaking to your local Toyota dealer to see if they can read out the ECM pins for the tacho and temp with the required test equipment or if they have some device to test the dashboard unit or try one of the dashboard/instrument cluster repairers/specialists.



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