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Blocked windscreen washer nozzle - Verso S

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I have a thing about dirty windscreens so I give mine a quick squirt and wash every day!  That is, until I was furloughed last year for 6 months.  During this time the car was hardly used and now I have a problem with the front washer nozzle, the motor is working fine but the water just dribbles out and only reaches the bottom of the screen, not high enough to be picked up by the wiper arm. We have blown it through from the bottle end using a stirrup pump, and we've tried the same thing but from the nozzle end, plus we've done the usual pin down the nozzle trick but it seems that the blockage is just below the nozzle itself.  Getting at the nozzle itself seems very involved so before I hand it over to a garage, has anyone any tips please? 

The rear washer is working perfectly.

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The windscreen nozzles are ceramic, so you cannot stick a pin in them to unblock like on an old fashioned jet. If it is blocked, it would need replacing. One of the first things to check is the one way valve between the washer jets. They are prone to failure, only cost about £3.00, and easy to replace. Check the flow is coming out of that valve quite fast, if it only dribbles out, it is knacke**d and needs changing 

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I had a very similar problem on a 'summer only' MX5 last year.  In that case, perseverance with blowing backwards into the nozzle eventually paid off, and a small blob of slightly rubbery, dark grey gunge was ejected from where I had disconnected the pipe that the nozzle was fed from.  It went from being useless dribble of water to working like new.

On further examination, I realised that there was a shapeless blob of the same dark grey gunge, about the size of a golf ball in the washer bottle - I think it was growing there! 

I flushed it out of the washer bottle with a garden hose through the filler cap. 

On that car, I had tried to use as little screen wash concentrate as possible, not least because some  of it will end up on your head when the roof is down.  It's still working fine now.

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