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Auris SR180 - Rear Knocking, Random Power Dips & Catching noise! Anyone else?

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I hope someone can help!

I will start with problem (inconvenience really) one; When cruising at 30, 40, 50, 60 mph, any speed, my car feels like it will randomly cut the power for a split second, causing a sudden dip in power when cruising. It will do it a couple times, almost like a misfire for a few second period. It will sometimes do it on every drive, or it will go a week without me noticing it. When I have scanned it on the OBD2, it throws two codes at me; C1201, which I believe to almost be a "messenger code" for other codes to turn on the EML, however the EML isn't on. I have tried resetting the codes to clear the C1201  code, or activate the EML but that changed nothing. The other code is a C1241 code, which I believe could be the source of my troubles.

However I don't know how that could be the cause, can anyone help with that issue? What they have found the problem to be if they have experienced this issue?

My second problem is; A slight dull clunk/ knock coming from the rear suspension when driving over a pothole, or rough ground. Obviously the T/SR180s have the fancy independent suspension, any idea which part may be causing this knock? How easy is this to diagnose?


My third problem; A rubbing/ whirring/ catching noise coming from what I believe to be the rear wheels. It almost sounds like you're spinning a maraca horizontally, particularly at low speeds/ reverse, however this could be because I can't hear it over road noise at higher speeds.


Some general context of the car to help eliminate some potential causes? I do not have my EGR valve blanked off, the power feels smooth and progressive throughout the rev range. There are also absolutely no warning lights on the dashboard, it is not in limp mode either. I also regularly use fuel cleaner/ fuel system cleaner.


C1241: https://www.autocodes.com/c1241_toyota.html

Any help would be great, with any of my problems!

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I'd definitely recommend going to https://www.toyota-tech.eu/ and viewing the official service manual for the engine - there should be a diagnosis flow chart for those ECU malfunction codes. 

(You do need to pay to access them though)

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For last 2 problems, you need the car up on the lift, to be inspected. Otherwise it's just a huge waste of time.

For the wheels, you can try jacking up the car, and spining the wheels, checking for some noise in the bearings, catching on the brakes, try to wiggle the wheel left/right, up/bottom, to check for play in wheel bearing.

The car, being a diesel, should not be influenced by short term voltage drops.

As said above, i would go to toyota-tech and pay for the short term access, cheapest is 3 euros per 1 hour, should be enough, and you can print, or save the documents. It gives you detailed instructions for troubleshooting.

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