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Toyota hiace deisel camper squeaky belt


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Hi guys , my hiace 1995 , diesel,  had a new timing belt fitted a while ago now it keeps squealing ( or another belt) so it needs to be tightened . I've looked for video s and can't find any in english or any manuals has anyone done this themselves?  I think I have to remove the drivers seat , but I'm not sure how to lose and tighten the tensioner , garages don't want to do it because it's an import and a long wheel base so they say they can't get it up on a ramp . Looking for advice , does this job need a ramp ? Or can I get underneath and reach up ? 

 Thanks in advance if anyone can help .

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Have you sorted your belts? 

Which chassis is yours? Mine is a 92 LH100 series. When the T belt was done where the other belts changed too? If not, they may not have been put back tight enough.

I have just had the "pleasure" of replacing the fan belts and the steering pump belt on mine. They were original and worn out. It's not hard, if you have hands the size of a 12yr girl.

I didn't video anything, but I can list what it took and how, if you still need it done.

I found an online engine manual in English for the 2L/2LTE engine. My manual is a full manual in Russian. Google translate has made my life so much easier.

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Thanks I've had one belt replaced now but the mechanic says the t belt needs replacing but it s not too bad it just chirps a bit occasionally,  I had it done at 90.000 miles and that was maybe 5 years ago so don't know what length of time or milage when you should get it done I'll have to look it up and check , but as you say garages don't want to do it I've found , because it's a bugger to do I've seen some videos ! I don't do alot of milage it's sorned for 6 months so I'm hoping it's got some time yet .

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