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Just a gentle reminder to all TOCcers that this much missed programme returns tonight BBC2 at 8PM.

Of course .................you could watch Celebrity Big Brother Final on Channel4 at the same time.

That will make the ratings interesting :lol:

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Phrase of the show...

"The Stig.. some say he oncce through a microwave at a !Removed!, and (something like) he knew the Jade Goody was a Racist Pig Faced Waste Of Blood and Organs"

Funniest thing i've heard in ages.

Oh!.. and we haven't to mention "the crash"

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Am I the only one that thinks that the new XK looks mall proportioned at the front and piggy at the rear? The one it replaced was beautifilly balanced to look at, the new one looks like the headlights are in the wrong place, and it has a family guy style chin.....

Now the AM V8 is well poportioned and has got the look spot on.

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AM looks better than the xk. What are Jag doing with that "ford puma" stylee lip on the back? I must admit tho if I had the dosh Id still by an Aston over a jag. Just my preference!!!! :lol:

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