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1997 Carina-E SLI leanburn 16 valve


1997 Carina-E SLI leanburn 16 valve
That Toyota Mechanic
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That Toyota Mechanic
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Nice example of the Carina from the 90's!.

Hi, would you have any advice about the Toyota Carina ED 4WS system. I have a 1996 2.0l ST203 3FSE, I have a Haynes manual but its does not cover the 4WS system. The issue is the 4WS light is on and following a reset (removing the Battery negative for 1 minute) it reappears within a minute without driving. I have checked the ABS speed sensors, they look in very good condition, car has done 136k (not miles). Would appreciate any advice such as is it an electric system, is it hydraulic, is there oil that needs changing or a sensor in the 4WS system I could check or replace. I have checked for codes and the only one I have is the oxygen sensor is failing, doubt that would cause the 4WS light to come on. Thanks..   

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We had the same car which was a 96 N reg. my dad did over 200k on that car. It was a 1.6gli with full electrics. Unfortunately it didn’t come with AC but it was a brilliant car. 

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