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Many years ago, before we set off on a journey by car to an unfamiliar area, we spent hours studying the paper road map (automobile road atlas) in order to learn and remember the upcoming path. But in the end, when we went by car on a long journey, we halfway completely forgot what we were taught at home. Now, in our days, an ordinary paper map, this is a forgotten past for us. It was replaced by satellite navigation systems that help us navigate any terrain when driving a car. Time does not stand still.

In many modern modern cars, navigation systems already installed at the factory are installed as an option today. But to our regret, with almost all car manufacturers, they are very expensive and often not quite multifunctional. Therefore, today it is most profitable to buy a car without satellite navigation, and only then, separately, buy a portable portable GPS / Glonass receiver. Fortunately, a large number of different models of these navigators, which are available today for any wallet, are currently presented on the world market.

We invite our readers to find out for themselves why a portable satellite navigator is better than a built-in car navigator, what advantages a driver gets for himself when buying a portable navigation system.

Portability and practicality
Five reasons why you should still buy satellite navigation in your car

It is obvious to many today that portable navigation equipment has a definite advantage in comparison with the same hospitals and factory satellite systems. After all, after the driver has parked, he cannot take the navigator built into the car with him.

Low cost
Five reasons why you should still buy satellite navigation in your car

Factory-built units with a GPS receiver are often very, very expensive. Sometimes their nominal value just does not justify the technical capabilities of this device.

Easy use
Five reasons why you should still buy satellite navigation in your car

Automakers have invested a lot of money for a long time to improve the quality of their infotainment systems. Also, satellite navigation technologies on similar factory devices were improved along with them.

Easy device update
Five reasons why you should still buy satellite navigation in your car

Roads around the world are constantly changing. The patterns of their movement are changing, and with them the marking, and the location of traffic lights, and street names and house numbers. Therefore, any map in any navigator should be updated promptly.

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