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  3. Hey mate, any chance you got to the bottom of it? seems I have a the exact same issue.
  4. Hi users, Can anyone help me with locating a cable for use in the Port in my HDD Navigation system. The car has been used and imported from Japan. Even the Toyota Service Centre in Port Moresby could not help
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  8. I’m currently on holiday in Iceland and have a new RAV4 as a hire car , must say I am liking it especially the heated steering wheel , full leather but strange only manual control seats not electric .
  9. NB - no Stoplock product fits the second generation Aygo according to Stoplock's application guide
  10. Thatcham no longer test steering wheel locks, but Sold Secure do. Two steering wheel locks have reached their Gold standard - 1) Disklock and 2) Milenco high security steering wheel lock. See Check with the manufacturers whether either fit your car - links given on the Sold Secure link above. See also
  11. Only if there led bulbs in a projection head lamp. As you won’t lose the beam image hid bulbs make the head lamp lens get hot and dirt gets baked on. So you need head lamp washers. led bulbs don’t give out any heat.
  12. I feel the one in the rear is too quiet, even with the audio turned down it is difficult to hear.
  13. Hi, can anyone recommend a security steering lock that fits a 2016 Aygo? The couple of ones I have looked at online apparently don’t fit. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I have a problem with my 2005 Avensis, if I go over a pothole with my left side rear wheel it feels like the car is being steered to the right from the back momentarily, then it tracks perfectly straight. Has anyone else experienced this? I jacked the rear of my car up & couldn’t feel any play in the suspension joints. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. This is the main culprit on my Verso 1.6 diesel, it's the top cam chain pulley. It has no teeth left! And the tensioner is extended to its maximum. When I take the gearbox out over the next few days I will post more pictures.
  16. It's just the nature of a 3cyl engine. Every car i've driven with this engine (1.0, Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, and an Aygo) all exhibit the same thing. That point in the rev range is just the frequency in which it rattles most.
  17. Hi, I’m going to buy my first TOYOTA a 54 reg Avensis 2.0 D4D. It’s only covered 60,000 miles but has never had a cambelt change. How much will a cambelt and water pump cost to change? Is there anything else I need to ask or watch out for? Many thanks
  18. Hi guys, Long time lurker, first time poster! Recently got myself a 2011 iQ2 1.0, and i love it already. It's such a unique little car and its a total tardis! Got a few issues to sort and first and foremost is the O2 sensors/lambda sensors. On the way home from collection got an EML, checking shows P0138 voltage high, which is the post-cat sensor. Took it out, gave it a right good clean in contact cleaner and popped it back in. Now getting two more codes (obviously...) of P0137, which is low voltage post-cat sensor, and P0171, lean running condition. (I also briefly got a pre-cat o2 sensor error but that seems to have been a fluke.) There's no vacuum leaks anywhere that i can see, and i'm skeptical since this particular combination of codes appeared after cleaning the sensor. Anyone else had a similar situation? Would rather not have to buy two O2 sensors.... Answers on the postcard! Thank you! Craig
  19. I believe there is two set of beepers. One at the front of the car and one at the rear which might explain why it sounds quieter
  20. Am going to attempt replacing the two timing chain cover gaskets and tensioner o-ring myself in a couple of weeks when i'm off work but am finding it tricky getting a complete idea of whats involved in the process and hope somebody on here has done it before or knows of whats involved, or has a detailed thread I have not came across yet. From what I've read so far, the rocker cover, water pump, o/s wheel arch liner all need to come off, along with all connected belts and pulleys. Is this all for dismantling parts, and are there any special tools needed? The only thing i'm concerned of is how difficult of a task this could be within 4 days, and could it be done on axle stands without the engine being removed? Also, is there anything tricky involved in the tensioner o-ring replacement? Other than mentioned above, I have another water pump, silicone coolant hose kit, front crank seal and will more than likely be getting a modified 1zz oil pan for a straight fit swap. Anything else recommended to be replaced? How common is it for the oil pumps to go on T - Sports as i'm considering this. The engine has done around 105k. Thanks.
  21. When reversing the rear parking sensor beeper is quite quiet compared to the front one, has anyone else noticed this?
  22. Wow, didnt realise that. Because my hilux d4d had been so good i assumed the auris d4d would be too. Worried now.
  23. Yeh it dont work in either way. You can hear the motor but clicks like perhaps teeth on cogs broke or something.
  24. Thank you. Your comment on modest mileage covers me which will only be 6,000 per annum.
  25. The original links are from Toyota UK blog, so it is the version that will be sold in both Japan and Europe (not just the EU). Obviously there may be some differences between these two markets. The US Yaris is based on the Mazda 2, and is built by Mazda for Toyota.
  26. did you check in TS to see how many keys are registered, Toyota Yaris 1999-2006 remote programming instructions 1. Open the driver’s door. 2. Insert the pre-programmed working key into the ignition lock then remove it. Don’t turn the ignition on. 3. Within 40 seconds: Close and open the driver’s door twice, then 4. Insert the new key into the ignition then remove it. Don’t turn the ignition on. 5. Within 40 seconds: Close and open the driver’s door twice, then 6. Close the driver’s door, then 7. Insert the new key into the ignition and turn the ignition on then off, then 8. Remove the new key, then 9. The central locking should now lock then unlock twice. 10. Press the lock and unlock on the remote at the same time for 1.5 seconds 11. Within 3 seconds, press the lock button on the remote for 1 second. 12. The central locking should lock and unlock once. 13. If the central locking locks then unlock twice then the sequence has not been successful. Try again. 14. Open the driver’s door to complete the sequence.
  27. OP = original poster. I hope the OP, in this case that would be you Neilsauris, researched the car and known issues! I did a quick Google search and got this as one of the results - Within the topic I found this - Not all 2AD engines had the issue, but it's best to check. When I bought my Avensis, I was aware of known issues with my model, crack in the door strap mounting points, and the electric parking brake. These issues I could live with. Hopefully your engine is okay.
  28. Looks nice, aspecially with the tilt and turn seats. Is there any lumbar support available?
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