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  2. I agree overall the system is pretty good, and leagues ahead of the ford sync system in my previous car. The android Auto and Apple car play is just going to give that tighter integration between car and phone for those that desire it, which is quite a lot given how standard it is now these days. I'd rather use Google maps or Waze rather than the Toyota nav system but you will most likely lose the integration with Toyota's system specifically the turn by turn popups on the driver display (an assumption on my part). Mirror link or Miracast is the half way point between the Toyota system and Google or Apple's systems and is probably far more inferior and prone to buggy behaviour and will lack the smoother integration. I think it's quite likely we will get it on the already manufactured 2019 Corolla's and I'm hoping the next update to the MEU will include outstanding bugs and Android Auto and Apple Car play! Myself being in the android camp!
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  4. If it helps, I can offer some real world fuel stats from my 2019 Excel AWD hybrid, both solo and towing 1600Kg caravan. Car received 3rd May. I record usage on brim to brim readings. Mileage at last top up 2342 Towing mpg av.25.6 over 625 miles, last tow 28.4 mpg over 159 miles Solo mpg 49.0 over 1717 miles, last solo 49.82 mpg over 442 miles The mpg is improving as the car loosens up, I now regularly get 50+mpg on journeys. I don't drive purely for economy, but try to be economical within the needs of the traffic I am in. These stats are a huge improvement over my previous 2018 Rav4 hybrid, about 25%, and I am sure this is helped by the seemingly much more responsive engine/motor/battery management software as well as the other improvements. Dave
  5. Here the same problem! Any solution for the Yaris model with the P "switch botton" under the dash? Has anybody solved it yet? Thanks!
  6. I don't think there's anything significantly wrong with Toyota's infotainment system. There's a couple of minor bugs but nothing that impacts functionality. The UI is reasonably well laid out and responsive. The sat nav system is a mix of crude and clever but again perfectly functional. I can't really see why I'd want anything more than I already have with the phone paired through Bluetooth. If I didn't have the sat nav then being able to project my mobile screen onto the infotainment unit would be nice but sticking the phone in a holder where I can see it would be perfectly acceptable. What are people hoping to use Mirrolink/Mirrorcast/Apple car play/Android auto for?
  7. Got miracast working whilst stationary ends when mobile
  8. Corolla AE92 Light Weight Boot Lid for Racing (Part 1)
  9. Hi, if you have LED DLR it might be because of that. The only option i have is for turning on/off daytime running lights, since my Yaris only has halogen bulbs, and DLR and beams is the same ‘unit’. I don’t know the precise terms, but hope it helped.
  10. you should also inform your insurance company of the modifications. Depending upon the company they may or may not charge.
  11. 1st generation 2006-12, 2nd generation 2012-18 is E180
  12. No doubt it is Toyota covering themselves legally.
  13. It's not just manufacturing cost though - there is the R&D, cost of holding stock/ distribution etc. for years &, of course, not forgetting a profit margin for OE supplier, Toyota & for dealer ...
  14. The latest version is 6.13.0WL. Do you have a MyToyota account? Yes, you can install it if you buy it - you will get an unique activation code for your specific head unit. For that generation of Touch 2 with Go afaik the updates & new maps are integrated together.
  15. It should spin freely, and silently. Inspect it using a light, maybe something is just obstructing the fan. If you don't find any issue, i would return it.
  16. It'll fit, they're a really good idea. Just prise the covers off very careful with a small flat screwdriver. I find mine really useful to cover up load area. Hope you're enjoying you're new car. One thing you'll probably discover is that the interior lighting is shocking. Tarquin on here does an excellent upgrade to original dome light and can also fit rear lights. I've got both and well worth it especially when the dark nights start.
  17. Thank you. I had noticed the small black plastic button covers, on the side of the car, but was loath to prise them off. The material cover doesn’t look used, and from the debris under the rear seats, I guess that the car often carried children, so the seats would have remained up. I will see if this fits, later.
  18. Well... hard to say then. Have you looked under the bonnet at the clutch slave cylinder to see if anything moves as someone presses the pedal? The pedal going to the floor either means the actuator actually is actually moving but it goes to the floor because there is something broken linking the actuator to the actual clutch assembly. In other words its pushing on 'nothing'. This would be inside the bell housing though. If the actuator doesn't move then it would appear more of a simple hydraulic issue.
  19. Ok so i got the new altrnator in the mail, when at the post office the guy who went to get my alternator dropped it from about 1,5 meters and straight to the ground.. so my question. The wheel at the end of the alternator should turn around easy right? It spins half way and then it sounds like the fan or something is scraping inside the alternator and i have to use force to get it to go around. Broken or should it be hard to turn when new?
  20. It's a cover to go over rear luggage area when seats are down. It pop studs onto pop studs on either side of car. See pic. You may have to take off popstud covers from inside of car if it's never been used before.
  21. Thank you Pete. No option in settings to change from Celsius/Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Me being "old school". But I can live with"C"
  22. I'm having issues with my 63 plate Yaris audio system. I get a white screen come up with a blue band across the top saying version up! Insert USB. and I literally cant do anything with the screen at all. It's stopped the use of phone connection, satnav and reverse camera as well. Tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting, as well as checking all fuses but still no luck. Taken it to Toyota Peterborough but they were not particularly helpful- They did say its not in need of a software update though. I hoped someone here might have some ideas about what the problem is or how to fix it? Thanks
  23. I have just bought a 2011 iQ2 , manual. I have found the jack, wheel-nuts, tyre foam , etc. But I have also found a black, shaped , piece of material with 3 press-studs down opposing sides. Top of the piece is shaped with some limited padding in. Could anybody enlighten me as to its use, please.
  24. My wife has a question about the TNS510. We currently have revision 1.0 of the maps on the SD from 2010. If we invest in a current 2019-2020 card will there be any improvement or changes to the Nav system itself or is it just new maps? After a long time usage of Google maps it feels a bit retro to use the built-in Nav though it is very useful in non cellular reception areas.
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