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  2. Hi, I m having the same problem ,can some tell me how much does it cost for the diagnosis test plz ?
  3. Hi Flash22 Not sure how to PM you. Is it safe to put up VIN etc on this post.
  4. I don't know if I just noticed this but they are staying on?? I notice another member has same problem, but my engine management light isn't on, is it worth bothering about, or is there a simple fix? thanks
  5. I tow a Kia Picanto behind my motorhome, flat towed with an A-frame. As far as I understand it, towing with a dolly is illegal in the UK though I don't know what the position is in other countries - the only UK options are a flat tow with an A-frame or a car transporting trailer. Also at nearly 2 tons in weight, a Corolla may exceed your Gross Train Weight. Sorry can't help with how to disable the steering lock.
  6. Sorry your links are dead did you get the correct type of battery as Hybrids us the AGM type, iirc the S55D23L is an upgrade over the standard one Edit. link That battery is incorrect as its lead acid
  7. Yeah totally agree, colour is subjective and some might love the current range of colours.. the silvers they offered either looked like primer colour or was a bit champagne goldie looking, so was a bit unsure... glad the black isn’t that horrid gold flick one they have in europe lol tbf, red was the nicest of the bunch and then the sterling silver, but both where pearlescent colours which was a nightmare to paint on the Range rover so wanted to avoid a hard colour to match for when my mrs decides to drive into stuff lol i was a bit upset at first this didn’t come with the same wheels as the hatch, but these being smaller gave a nicer ride so happy actually and they look less strange on a black car... on the red they looked a but lost in the arches... Electric tailgate works off the key so very happy with that, going to be very practical. got it booked in for 2 stage paint correction and SB3 Alpha ceramic coating (5year) on the bodywork, getting the glass and wheels ceramic coating too, on the 10th feb, so will post a picture once its actually shiny 😆 Then I will wash it once a month like I did the range rover 🤣
  8. Steve 10

    Serpentine belt

    The tensioner pulley ? I'm not familiar with the engine, so just a guess.
  9. When I press the HOME button on my 2019 RAV 4 the map layout always changes to the North view Can I change this so that when I press the home button it ALWAYS shows the 3D view ? Its getting frustrating always having to change the MAP LAYOUT
  10. I just ordered one of these Lucas LP005 / LP005L Battery = 55D23L Car Not sure if it will work but if anybody has experience changing the knackered original Panasonic S55D23L, please let me know
  11. Yeap you are talking about the matrix headlights. These are the bi-led headligths that most of us have. And these are the matrix headlights that a few countries in europe can get in the highest trim. I would assume that fitting the matrix headlights shouldnt be a problem as they propably have the same measurements as the bi-led headlights. I am not sure however if you can get the full functionality of the matrix led while using adapative high beam. I've seen a member of this forum talk about them, @OXYGEN I think this is the guy (sorry if i tagged the wrong person) he's talked about these headlights before and they seem to be really sweet.
  12. Hi Guys, Any update on this topic? Have anyone tried to install the cruise controller by himself? Or should I bring the car to the specialized garage?
  13. Today
  14. Hi R KNow what you mean about colours, a manufacturer brings out a nice range of colours, then whoosh, they gone replaced by some drab ones. I have more then a few silver ones, mainly because they look cleaner for longer. But I got fed u with silver, so when i was looking for a used Prius Gen4 i wanted the Hypersonic Red, was in all the brochures, but I wanted leather seats and JBL sound system. All this meant I was looking for a used Excell model.....but they were 17" wheels as standard and I wanted the 15: which were an option. Really narrowed the chance of finding one. I did, but it was at a dealer 100 miles away, so 200 mile round trip to see it, then a week later another 200 mile to get it. Well worth it though. I hope you like the vehicle, all reports say it is going to be popular.
  15. New to the system and not sure how this works. I own a 2007 Estima Hybrid 2.4 engine. What a fantastic vehicle and brilliant value even SH from Japan However it needs a new auxiliary battery. Where do you get these with the extra two wires attached? David
  16. We had a Range Rover Evoque HSE originally in this colour, would have liked something like this on the new car, black is always my last choice. (Sold the Range Rover as it was unreliable and I didn’t like driving it) this is my wife's replacement car, but I will be driving it allot also... she picked the Evoque last time, I picked this car lol
  17. Oh and yeah from Worcester. Didn’t care for waiting out for a 20 plate, won’t sell it, just run it until it dies or I can’t fix it anymore lol
  18. Hi,I've got problem with my yaris,is got hard steering and does not show speed when driving
  19. Nothing to do with the quoted extract. Most countries have legislation that requires speedometers to not under read, and to over read within certain parameters. For example in the UK it is illegal for speedometers to read less than the true speed. Speedometers are also required to show no more than 110% of the true speed, and for speeds between 25mph and 70mph, must not read more than 110% of the true speed plus 6.25mph. So for a car travelling at a true speed of 50mph, the speedometer must show no more than 61mph.
  20. Tbh, all the colour choices where terrible, wanted a gun metal grey or a dark blue. We originally ordered in red but when we saw it in person didn’t like it at all, looked super bright in the sun and dull as hell in normal uk weather lol so black was the “whatever” colour lol first time i’ve ordered a black car. But looks ok in the end, luckily I don’t have to look at it while driving it...
  21. Very nice! Not in Worcester by any chance? Looks familiar. Picked up mine last week, the red really pops in the sun (when it's out!). Was really pleased with the full leather seats too. Happy days.
  22. 3-400 on aliexpress lol i would not touch anything from there if you like your audio you can get AA/AC from the likes of pioneer and alpine in that price range that has a warranty, parts back up and full support eg. AVH-Z5100DAB or iLX700
  23. The car buying system is different in the US to that in the UK. in the US dealers/dealer groups hold large stocks of vehicles of varying specs and options and discounting is more common as most specs and options are available from stock. The heavy discounting in the US and subsequent downward effect on reputation is one of the reasons Nissan is again having financial issues. In the UK, dealer stocks are much smaller, and they rely more on the manufacturer's central car storage. Factory orders if buyers want specific options is a lot more common. Sometimes where dealers get manufacturer incentives to clear models and discount near to the 'factory price', they do make sight of the factory invoice available, but won't actually issue copies.
  24. Here is a manual that should be for your car. It's a translation since the manual is in spanish and for me at least, it does not show pictures, so below i put the original link aswell.
  25. Edm

    Serpentine belt

    Hi drive Toyota auris 1.2 T petrol 2015 my question serpentine belt seems to drive 5 pulleys or wheels one being engine pulley 2 air con pulley 3 coolant pulley 4 alternator pulley cant figure out what fifth pulley is for also is there a separate pump for turbo unit coolant fluid Have this car one year no problems just trying to learn how the new technology works would be great to hear from somebody who has far more knollege than I Thanks to all L
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