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    Toyota invites motorists to Experience True Freedom with 24-hour test drives of the all-electric bZ4X

    Toyota is inviting people to discover the real-world benefits of switching to an all-electric vehicle with a 24-hour test drive programme for its all-new bZ4X SUV. Under the banner Experience True Freedom, it reveals the potential energy, carbon and cost savings they might achieve with the EV, based on their day-to-day driving patterns

    The extended test drives are a key part of the company’s current national campaign for bZ4X which includes use of the Pharrell Williams’ track Freedom to express the advantages of ownership. 

    The test vehicles are fitted with a telematics system which gathers journey and performance data from each drive. This is then used to calculate overall power efficiency and potential savings in fuel costs compared to a conventionally powered car.  

    Each customer receives the results of their personal test drive, together with a certificate, giving them a snapshot of what they might achieve if they choose to purchase a bZ4X. The figures also indicate a probable driving range and approximate recharging times using different power supplies. 

    The live reporting covers these key performance aspects: –  

    • Electric economy – miles driven per kWh 
    • Implied vehicle driving range 
    • Total distance travelled 
    • Percentage of battery charge consumed 
    • Time to recharge with a 7kW or 50kW power supply 

    The data also calculates economic performance: – 

    • The comparative cost of driving 100 miles based on per-kWh electricity or per-litre petrol costs 
    • The cost of completing the implied driving range 
    • The cost of completing the distance covered in the test drive 
    • The fuel cost savings that might be realised compared to a similar petrol car 
    • An equivalent miles-per-gallon comparison between the bZ4X and a similar petrol car 

    Environmental aspects measured by the system are: – 

    • The amount of CO2 emissions (in kg) saved over the test drive distance 
    • The saving in CO2 emissions performance (in g/km) over the test drive distance 
    • The amount of CO2 emissions (in kg) potentially saved over 10,000 miles, based on the data from the test drive distance 

    Customers can start the process for taking a 24-hour test drive by completing an online request at www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/bz4x. This will connect them to their local Toyota centre, which will schedule a convenient date. Toyota specialists will provide an introduction to bZ4X, tips on driving style to help them make the most of the vehicle and guidance on recharging and the location of local charging facilities.  

    The test drives are being offered nationwide throughout July; terms and conditions can be found at www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/bz4x.  

    About the Toyota bZ4X 

    bZ4X is Toyota’s first battery electric vehicle (BEV) for Europe, a model which combines the company’s heritage of SUV design and engineering with its world-leading experience in electrified vehicle technologies. 

    Every aspect of the car has been scrutinised to achieve both energy efficiency and driving rewards. It is built on a dedicated EV platform which integrates the battery unit into the chassis, resulting in a low centre of gravity and a highly rigid body for stable, responsive handling.  

    The stand-out exterior design, with a distinctive “hammerhead” frontal treatment, features advanced aerodynamic styling to reduce wind resistance and help maximise the driving range.  

    bZ4X is available in both front and all-wheel drive versions. The FWD model features a 150kW front-mounted eAxle that produces 201bhp and 266Nm maximum torque. The AWD model uses front and rear 80kW eAxles with a combined output of up to 215bhp and 337Nm of torque. The AWD system with X-MODE gives added control and reassurance when driving off-road and in slippery conditions. 

    Using the bZ4X’s 11kW on-board charger, approximate battery recharging times* from 10 to 80 per cent are from 45 minutes using 100kW or150kW rapid charging points; from five hours with an 11kW fast charger; and between 15 and 31 hours from a standard domestic power socket connection (3.5kW, 2.3kW or 1.8kW). The official driving range (WLTP standard) is 318 miles for the bZ4X Pure FWD version and 286 miles for the AWD model**.  

    The model range offers three equipment grades: Pure (front-wheel drive only), Motion and Vision. All are equipped with the latest Toyota Smart Connect+ multimedia system and Toyota Safety Sense active safety and driver assistance features. Full details of the range are available at www.toyota.co.uk.  

    * Indicative charge times shown, for comparison purposes. A charge from a 10% to 80% can be achieved in around 30 minutes with 150kW DC charging in optimal conditions, such as a temperature between 25° and 30°C. Actual charging times may vary depending on various factors, including the age, type, condition and temperature of the charging unit and the battery, the starting charge and environmental conditions such as the outdoor temperature at the point of use. Charge times may be longer in colder weather and if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology. 150kW chargers are available in many locations in mainland Great Britain – see Zap Map for details. They are not yet available in Northern Ireland. 

    ** 318-mile range for the Pure FWD grade only. Electric range figures are provided for comparability purposes and can vary depending on factors such as selected grade and transmission, accessories fitted (post registration), driving style, weather conditions, speed or vehicle load. It is recommended electric range figures are only compared with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results. 

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