Removing your dash on your IQ

I'll try and fill in some of the gaps that the Toyota guides can furnish you with already. If there's anything obviously missing, just drop a comment here and I'll do my best to answer it for you.

The Toyota link (Which I've found invaluable so far) is

To start. Remove the door runners and kick plates by simply giving them a good yank (There's going to be a lot of that throughout BTW). Then get on your knees (Both sides of the car and you'll find a bolt at the bottom of the plastic trim near the floor:

In the passenger footwell the plastic below the black rounded edge should now pull out. Start at the bottom on the left and work upwards. Then work across the top and down the RH side. It should just come away. The back of the panel looks like this (If it helps for clip placement). View is upside down as it would clip back in as you revolved it upwards from the bottom of the pic (If that makes sense).


You are left with something like this:


Underneath the steering wheel the plastic trim has a rectangle in the middle. This is an airbag and you DO NOT need to remove it !!!!!


Again, work around it taking out any obvious bolts and either remove, or as I've done, leave it hanging into the footwell.


Time to pop out the ends of the dash front, here


And the same the other side. If it helps. Pull the door rubbers away from the door surround to give you access. MAKE SURE they are pushed fully back before you shut the doors again.

Back to the passenger footwell.

The big black bit (The soft dash front) can now pull clear. This bit:


Grab it both sides at the bottom and pull directly towards you. With that out. The same can now be done with the speedo surround and cover. Again pull towards you and it'll pop out. Leaving this:


That's Part 1 for now folks. I'll try and get in a few more pictures to explain more as I go.

Any questions, as I say, please feel free.


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