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Step by Step Avensis Handbrake Adjustment

When i was looking for a Guide for adjusting the handbrake there wasnt one,so i just thought id knock a quick one up and hope that it may help someone else.

I fitted new brake discs and the handbrake was adjusted fully at the bottom nut,so make sure this is done first really.

The first step is to remove the chrome frame around the gear stick gaiter..see pic

Just a slight pull from the rear lifting it up is suffice.


Next step after the chrome frame is removed is to lift the actual gaiter upwards as far as it will go to aid access.


We now need to remove the trim that will allow access to the handbrake adjustment nuts.

The trim may seem quite stubborn to remove but just grasp the rear of the trim at the back of the gear stick and lift at the same time as gently pulling backwards and ease it away from the gear stick,be a bit careful with this as the wires for the ashtray illumination are attached,i didn;t remove the wire connection i just laid it to one side on the passenger floor out of the way.

This is the view once the trim has been removed.

Next step is to remove the 2 screws which are highlighted with red arrows this to allow the centre console to be removed.

After the 2 screws are removed you need to ease away the console which surrounds the handbrake lever its self,which again be gentle with it but use enough force to disengage the console away from the 2 lugs at the back,it does seem tight but it will snap away just dont go mad with it.

Ease away the the trim indicated by the red arrows.

Heres a view with the trim removed.

The red arrow in this pic indicates the position of the handbrake adjustment screws.

You will need a long 10mm socket like this to undo the lock nut first of all.

You will also need a 10mm open ended spanner to hold the bottom nut whilst you undo the lock nut completely. Dont loose the lock nut like i nearly did.After you have undone the lock nut you can then adjust nut turning it clock wise to take up- the slack,keep trying your hand brake until you have 3 to 4 clicks ,i did mine to 3 clicks but bear in mind you dont want to over tighten the nut as the handbrake shoes are at risk of binding and you dont want tha

After you are happy with the adjustment,re screw the lock nut back on

Next step although not essential is to lubricate the mechanism so its nice and easy to operate, i also sprayed the button as well.

Just reverse the operation to refit everything back

Now my handbrake is perfect.

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Thank you very much for the great article on Hand brake adjustment.

I followed the detailed insturctions which made the job nice and easy.

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Good post Exvec, the only thing l would add would be, if you're replacing discs and pads too, then I would adjust the handbrake shoes prior to fitting the new pads to be sure of no friction felt from the new pads.



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