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Mk1 Clutch pedal travel to the floor

Dartmoor Dave


Mk1 Clutch pedal travel to the floor

Fast and guaranteed fix for MK1 clutch pedal travel that causes the clutch to drag and the synchro to drag when changing gear.

No amount of bleeding will fix this issue but swapping the Master Cylinder for a Landcruiser one will!

Part No CMT 136 on fleabay, requires no bulkhead mods, no cutting and no changes to pipe.

Just swap the pushrods over, leave the locknut loose, bolt it on and reset the pedal clearance, tighten locknut.

New cylinder is 3/4(19mm) so moves more fluid, clutch will bite /release about 1/3 off the floor.


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  • Time Taken?
    1 hour
  • Tools Used?
    12mm spanner. 3/8 drive sockets
  • List Parts Used?
    Pattern MCyl CMT136, 2 x M8-45 bolts.
  • Costs?
  • Difficulty Level? 1-5
    2-3, may need help to bolt up, and bleed..

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