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Headlight Restoration



Restrore yours headlights and enjoy them nice and clear for at least one and a half a year, and even more if taken good care!
  1. Start by covering the bodywork around the headlights with masking tape.
  2. Spray water and start sandingBegin with 400p move to 600p then 800p and finish with 1000p.
  3. When you finish give it a good wipe with a microfiber towel.(It should fog)
  4. I am using(Bosch Professional 12V System GEX 12V-125 Cordless Orbital Sander) to aply BODY POLISHING HB BODY 805 - super cut  HB BODY 806 - power polish - 807 SEAL POLISH it is a 3 step and you should use the correct polishing pad for each cream
  5. Finish by wiping with a microfiber towel to remove any left over cream and you are done!






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  • Time Taken?
  • Tools Used?
    Bosch Professional 12V System GEX 12V-125 Cordless Orbital Sander
  • List Parts Used?
    masking tape sandpaper(400p,600p,800p,100p) water sprayer BODY 3-STEP POLISH microfiber towel polishing pad
  • Difficulty Level? 1-5

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