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How to add USB adapter to Avensis T27 with W53828 CD stereo


Adding after market USB adapter to W53828 in the Avensis T27 using the vacant Cd changer port at the rear. <br />I installed the LaPower USB/microSD/Aux/Bluetooth adapter, bought on eBay.

Having use USB memory sticks on my Mk1 Avensis with Sony, CD changer and Connects2 for many years, I wanted the same on my T27. 
My original post:
I choose the LaPower Adapter as it had the additional Bluetooth A2DP, at a cheaper cost than the usual Connects2 and Xcarlink, plus the supplier is UK based.
The USB/Bluetooth kit  P1070841.jpg.
The trim removal kit  P1070875.jpg
The first is to look at the many guides for the radio removal on the internet.
Remove the glovebox. 
With the trim removal tool I obtain from eBay I carefully worked on the top vent.
  P1070855.jpg   then the passenger side trim near the heater controls. 
Then remove the surround to access the lower screws securing the stereo P1070858.jpg .
P1070859.jpg. Remove the four screws to access the rear of the stereo. Pull the stereo forward and slightly to the left to pass the right trim, which is only loosened and not removed.
Looking at the rear the Cd changer socket 12 pin (6+6) should be empty  P1070843.jpg  .
P1070844.jpg Route the cable for the adapter from the glove box area, as close to the firewall as possible, behind the vertical reinforce bar and insert into the CD changer socket.
At this point, reposition the stereo and connect the adapter to the cable. Get a memory stick with music and test the system. I used mine from my other system and they all worked fine. Better to find out now than later after putting the car back together. 
I decided to leave the adapter in the glovebox for now P1070873.jpg but may make changes.
Next was to install the microphone P1070876.jpg and carefully rand the cable along the front of the roof lining, tucking along the front of the A pillar close to the windscreen - this avoids interfering with the curtain airbag!
Everything was put back and the sound quality is very good and clear. Most of the functions can be operated by the steering wheel controls. I have two mobiles and the second is connected to the adapters Bluetooth. Calls can be taken or rejected by the steering wheel Next or Previous buttons. The other phone is connected to the cars Bluetooth.
I may get an USB/Aux extension cable and mount in a blank hole in the dashboard tutorials-76861-0-00319900-1442736166_th
tutorials-76861-0-37945100-1442736255_th measure the blanking plate and compared to measurements of the two I found. They both measure the same 33mm x 21/22mm  tutorials-76861-0-44846700-1442736104.jptutorials-76861-0-16006400-1442736132_th
The first costs £11.80
The second £5.88
The first looks better built and seems to match the hole, whilst the second looks cheaply made and may need more work to keep in place.
If I go ahead, there will be an update.
I bought the more expensive USB/AUX dashboard extension cable because it looked a better fit, and I was correct.
tutorials-76861-0-78846100-1443087152_thtutorials-76861-0-78959900-1443087169_th The socket without the cable attached.
The blank socket I chose was close to the steering wheel tutorials-76861-0-71095000-1443087509_th 
A notch had to be cut out on upper right side of the hole, using a craft knife. A slight adjustment was done on another notch and the socket now fits perfectly. The dashboard material is soft and easy to work on. 
After routing the cable, repositioning the adapter to the space behind the heater on the passenger side freed up the glove box. If the adapter needs resetting, removing the glove box gives quick access. 
tutorials-76861-0-55360300-1443087292_th  The USB/AUX socket in position. It looks a lot better now, but I may move it to the storage compartment between the seat replacing the original socket tutorials-76861-0-66103500-1443089060_th.
This will need a lot more work and I could not remove the reverse collar on the gear stick. I don't want to break that!
The system works well and I will not be using the microSD socket on the adapter, only USB memory sticks. The adapter can only use one or the other, so it is not an issue.
The total integration is very good and the only minor gripe which is for every USB adapter, is the lack of artist/title display. I don't really look at what artist is playing, since I put the music on the USB stick!
Unfortunately iPhone and iPod are not supported through the USB cable, but I don't own or use Apple products.
A cheap upgrade.  


I have changed the position of the USB/AUX dashboard extension, to the centre storage box. This replaces the AUX only socket which is not needed. tutorials-76861-0-67181900-1443253171_thtutorials-76861-0-09643400-1443253190_thtutorials-76861-0-11299600-1443253210_th As you can see, both sockets look identical and the fitting notches are in the same location.

The later Avensis has the USB/AUX in the same position in the centre storage box tutorials-76861-0-38160800-1443260352_th


Removing the centre console covers is fair simple. 

First the covers between the dashboard and the console tutorials-76861-0-43866500-1443260570_thtutorials-76861-0-31664900-1443260797_th and the console surround trim tutorials-76861-0-03374200-1443260759_th. Remove the lower console trim in the footwell on both sides.


Then the gear lever console trim. Press on the gear lever cover surround to separate it from the trim and using a suitable lever lift the trim. tutorials-76861-0-97533800-1443260857_thtutorials-76861-0-50194600-1443260909_th tutorials-76861-0-97224800-1443261766_th.


Also remove the ashtray and lighter panel to re-route the adapter cabletutorials-76861-0-22978000-1443260955_th.


Now with the access you can unplug the AUX socket and remove ittutorials-76861-0-55639000-1443261001_th tutorials-76861-0-67480200-1443261045_th


Install the AUX/USB socket and route the wire from the adapter carefully to the socket. 


Refit all panels in reverse order.


Job done.



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6 minutes ago, @lpher said:

Heres a side by side picture of the old and the new accessory ports on Toyota:


But keep in mind that the modelyears printed on the picture are "general" as the new plug was slowly introduced over the entire Toyota range....over time.

In my opinion...the old accessory plug on the left text support...while the new one on the right denotes text support.

All understood on previous replys, which I appreciate highly. I have t27 avensis which is the subject of this thread. I'm a electrician and know all the backgrounds and how they work. It was just that dension homepage said different than your links about even sending cd text to headunit, because that is something I would love to have. Also since I'm living in Finland delivery costs can change a lot depending where I would buy it. 

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I've actually had a 2011 T27 myself a few years ago so I'm quite familiar with this headunit 🙂 But to be completely honest..being in the  business of aftermarket caraudio...i exchanged it for an aftermarket one back then...and only put the OEM unit back in...when i traded in the T27 for another car at the dealership 🙂

What about SK-Autosound? They should be able to sell you a unit without the hassle of importduty/tax and massive freight costs?


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Now I have to drum this one! I found this xCarLink unit that displays texts from usb stick via cd changer connection. Buy all you can while you can from xCarLink 😉 It reads fairly fast stick and audio quality is way better than any other adapter I have heard. Price was still pretty decent

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I have Toyota Bluetooth kit installed on my CD changer port, i saw they sell Y splitter cables online, but first i dont know if that would even work, or what would happen if i would to receive a call while playing some music.

Did you maybe stumble upon someone trying to put more than 1 device on this port? 

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On 10/10/2019 at 4:53 PM, furtula said:

I have Toyota Bluetooth kit installed on my CD changer port, i saw they sell Y splitter cables online, but first i dont know if that would even work, or what would happen if i would to receive a call while playing some music.

Did you maybe stumble upon someone trying to put more than 1 device on this port? 

First of all with xcarlink it's id3 tags version 2.3 with ISO standard that work. You can change them in software. Remember to remove other id3 versions to get it working.

And now to your question, yes they should work. My setup is that I'm connected via bluetooth to my cars stock bluetooth for calling. Secondary I have in center console bluetooth receiver (on dual usb car charger) and straight 3.5mm cable to aux in to use it for listening music via bluetooth. My phone can have two simultaneous bluetooth connections.

Now I have on cd changer only the xcarlink, but there is also a bluetooth module that you can connect to xcarlink if you don't have preinstalled bluetooth on your car.

I have installed y-cable on t22 avensis, but the yatour was jamming all the time so I really can't say did it work with stock changer.

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