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Annoying Tweeters


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I have recently discovered the annoying fact that at high frequencies my Speakers distort :crybaby: . The standard items coped extremely well with little effort, but my new component set seems to be failing miserably, yet its RMS is +15W from the standard Speakers and it has an extra tweeter to aid sound quality , anyone help me with this one? :ffs:

[speaker spec in modz list]

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No, maybee thats the problem?

ill be more specific; its the 2 way and 3 way Speakers that distort but ive only found it on one cd track and on certain moments using the radio tuner. Ive got lots of dance / clubmix cds that have high freqs but dont distort, im haveing problems working it out.

[My local ICE centre is also having construction work so i cant take it in :crybaby: ]

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well if its only one cd track then its probably a crap recording (its possible)

and radio will always suffer from interfearence which is whats casuing them to distort due to the fact that they operate at extremely high frequancys, therefore more succepatble

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chances are its the Speakers. Sony in car entertainment is terrible in terms of quality. They used to make fantastic kit, but have now positioned themselves in an almost "max power" space in the market. If you get orion, phoenix gold or RF comps and amp them properly, you will be amazed at the quality.


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