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Petrol Gauge


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i have only had my car a week and have had 2 bars of petrol this whole time. today the 1st bar went and the last bar started flashing. what i want to know is approx how many more miles can i do on the flashing bar. if im nowhere near a petrol station i would like reassurance that i will make it

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Might be a good idea to fill up before the flashing bar to prevent being stranded with no fuel, at the end of the day its there to warn you that you are low on fuel. I tend to fill up when it’s past the halfway mark so I don’t get caught out.

You are also gambling on the fact that the petrol station you go actually has fuel. I’ve been a few times recently when they have run out forcing me to go even further.

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Have also wondered, is the tank fitted with Sensors that check the level or is it a ball ***** type thing in the tank????

If its Sensors are they at the top of the blob or the bottom??

What I mean is when the blob goes out does that mean your using that blob or are you using the lit blob???

Does that make sense?

For instance when the first blob goes out does that mean Im into the second blob of fuel?

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