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Idle Issues Following Maf Clean


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Well when i serviced the car and changed the plugs etc, i changed the air filter and while the box was open i removed the white resonator collar from the lower airbox as others have suggested to.

i also cleaned the maf sensor by undoing the 2 screws on the top carefully removing it and then using a cotton bud with a little carb cleaner on a cotton bud and gave it a VERY gentle clean. got most of the soot and carbon build up of it and popped it all back together again, but ever since the car idles at around 1500rpm for a good few minutes until warms up and then drops to the 900rpm or so i'd expect,

any thoughts???

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ok after doing a search (i know i know, i should have done this first!) plenty of celica and yaris t sport owners all have high 1500rpm idles until the engine warms then it drops accordingly, i can calm down and stop panicking :P

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You should really reset the ECU after cleaning the MAF, this allows the car to "relearn" the fueling with a clean/new MAF.

Are all ECU's adaptive in that way? I was wandering if it would be worth resetting my ECU when it comes to getting the engine back in with bits attatched. Then again, I shoudl just get it re-mapped.....

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