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Car Vibrating At 55mph


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when i hit 55mph the whole car vibrates, which is exagerated when i had a caravan on the back. it stops vibrating at about 65mph then is fine after that. ive noticed it vibrates more the faster i accelerate and there is a clunking noise when i change gear. also when i ease off the pedal and reapply the foot it macks the same clunk. does anyone have any idea what this couldbe? ive got a 53 plate 2.0 d4d t spirit



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I had something similar (vibration only), it was the driveshaft/s replaced both, short side failed again. Replaced again and since has been OK

im starting to think it could be my driveshafts. did you get any warning light when yours broke? i had mine reset but they came back one again. the computer said it was a unknown code? is changing the driveshafts a big job?

thanks darren

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