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Toyota Previa 2000 Auto Gearbox

Rob 247

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Previa auto gearbox has started to play up . On a trip down to London the oil got low and I think burnt ,but we managed to get back ,the day after I could not get reverce so we changed the oil and added some special addative, ( mechanic will know ) the reverce came back and only 1st and second gear work now but ocassionally it tries to jump into 3rd gear concequently my speed is 30mph ok round town but stuffed if I want to go any distance.

I started making enquiries as to the cost of a new gearbox and spoke to a chap in London who was willing to change the gearbox for £ 900 but When I told him that it was impossible to get the vehicle to him because of the gear problem, He said it was a very simle job but did not give advice unless he was getting a job out of it.

I think a new gearbox or a recon would put my mind at rest as my passengers are children.

Any advice would be appreciated as to firstly getting the gearbox to shift as this would give a chance of delivering the vehicle to a wider choice of garages, Where to go in North Yorkshire to get a good job done ? :crybaby:

Many Thanks Rob

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