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A Long Way To Go Lads.


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I went out in my mates Focus RS yesterday.

All i can say is that it is one hell of a machine and it's not run in yet!!!!!

ahhh was it the green one ? they look awesome, wish i could have one, as said above they are leagues above our cts but still wouldnt mind one. wonder how they will be reliability wise ?

how was it keeping all that power down ?

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The RS is a nice version of the Focus but frankly not as good as the advertising hype makes out. I don't think Ford have yet sorted out the inability of the half shafts to cope with the high power output.

My daughter's boyfriend has a ST which has been given some serious working over.... it now puts out 330bhp and eats the RS for breakfast.... yes he has done it a couple of times :lol:

Any potential owners of the RS should ask Ford if the half shaft problem has been sorted out and owners should consider think whether they would have been better buying a ST, worked on it and still have saved a lot of money :yes:

Yes the RS is a nice car but I consider it to be somewhat over priced and, as Karma said, the wrong brand :huh: ;)

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if i could justify the money I'd buy one :yes:

i think ford have got it right, shame Toyota cant make a sports car anymore instead they play it safe with "sensible"family or town cars ;)

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Hatch back.... wrong wheel drive..... and definitely the wrong brand.


I agree on all three counts.

Why are they in green and orange too? Why attract attention that you bought a Ford?

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Why are they in green and orange too? Why attract attention that you bought a Ford?

The orange paint is something like £600 when brought new... The green one's are denoted as GGR racing and have been fetled... Still rip the front wheels off though...there is a white new RS in the village I go though to work... and being country lanes and not gritted in the winter and prown to flooding in the rainy season... I may see it again..parked in the hedge or up a tree..... :help:

Do some work at Fords Dunton site and they have the Rally Focus there... used as a show car... but this also has a 1.4 engine in it.... :lol::lol: just used as a SHOW and not a GO....car.....

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The problem Ford have is that they make exciting cars which are unreliable. You buy a Focus, it breaks down or goes wrong in some ridiculous (expensive) way, and never buy another Ford.

JD Power 2008 survey, cars:

9. Corolla

51. Focus


4. Toyota

15. Ford

You pays your money and you makes your choice.


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