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Celica Gt4 Boost Problems


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Hey guys,

I know this question has been referenced several times but I cant seem to find a solution to fix it. It seems to be a reoccurring problem for the gt4 185 (92 celica import) of the turbo lag. When driving the car over 2500-3000 RPM my boost lags and gets stuck at 0 on dash.

Ive checked everything haven't modified anything or even changed anything prior to this happening. Seems like it happened out of no where.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I think it might be the fuel pump but the car drives fine without stiff acceleration. Its just when the boost is supposed to kick it it only goes up to 0.

any suggestions any help would be appreciated !!

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How can I check for fault codes for a 185? I know where the diagnostics is but not sure exactly which two have to be touched in order to get a reading..

Now this morning the car doesnt start. This seems to be all intertwined some how to do with the turbo :\

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