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Have I Actually Made Money On My Car ?


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I agree I bough mine in Feb this year , and can`t see anything under 10k I paid £7700 for 4.2 (55) XT5 65K on clock

I remember looking then you could pick up new shape rav`s for around 11k good price for new model. Now like you say prices are silly.

I reckon That I could get 10k for my Rav easy, fully loaded, with side/front and back, chrome runners, not sure of the correct name for them.

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There have been some talk in the media about increasing the scrapping deposit from £150 to nearly £2000 if you buy a new and eco-friendly car. This have just been talk, because the dealers seem not to have any competent lobbyists... and we also have (and just re-elected) a very socialist government that believe cars are a luxury commodity, and there should be no need for us to have cars (at least not SUVs with big polluting engines).

Also the roads have been neglected for years... but that's another topic. Those of you who have been driving in Norway might have seen that.

Anyway, how does the scrappage scheme work for you? Do you get the deposit regardless, or are there any requirements for the new car?

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