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My T180 Now It Is Back To Full Health

t180 minnnt

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Well now i have my car back from Toyota after having the head gasket sorted i thought i would give her a spruce up. I keep on top of it anyway but i wanted to get a couple of good layers of wax on the car ready for the rubbish weather that we will be enduring sooner rather than later.

I started off with a wash using some cheapo wash and wax as it seems just as good as AG Shampoo. Quickly dried off the car and did all the shuts and sills along with the wheels and arches. I then applied the AG SRP which went on a treat. It also came off quite good too. I didn't bother with EGP this time as it had a coat of that a few weeks back. I decided to give it a final coat of Megs step 3, Carnuba Wax. This is super easy to apply and remove with minimal effort and it leaves a great finish and the beading effect the protection offers is immense imo. I will try and get a beading shot for you when i can. The wheels were waxed with some cheap wax that i saved for this purpose, but it is actually half decent and offers good protection with a nice shiny finish which pops the flake in the alloy very nicely. The tyres were dressed with AG tyre dressing as i didn't have the time to apply the Megs Hot Shine. Interior was vacuumed and the dash was given a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Windows were done with AG Glass Polish.

Next steps will be to clay the car as there are a few contaminants on it and the front bumper is in pretty bad shape. The hopefully add another coat of SRP and EGP in a few weeks time which will hopefully get a good base on the car for winter.

The results were pretty good, a nice deep reflection for a Lucerne Silver car. The Toyota paintwork is extremely nice to work with, it shines really well, even in dull conditions.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the finished article. Let me know your comments, good are bad, both are invited. :)





















Thanks for looking. :)

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why is that then? I don't remove it on the road...

I think cmia is referring to removing or obscuring the digits of your number plate for the pictures. its a fairly basic "car identity theft" precaution.

anyway, I have to say your car is looking better than mint! fantastic look. looks like you got some great products on there.

would you mind telling me what all the initials are? AG SRP, EGP? Is AG Auto Glym? Where do you get that Megs stuff?

Thanks v much!

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