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Rav4 With 1.8l Engine - Is That Possible?


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Hi All, I recently bought an 97 RAV 4. On the documents I have it is written that the engine is 1800m3, but everywhere I check shows that th eonly engine that Toyota puts at that point is 2.0L. even the VIN decoding shows that it is a Camry engine which confirms that it should be 2.0L

does anyone knows if 1.8l engine is put ever on RAV 4 or it may be documents mistake?

thanks to anyone who provides info :)

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The 1st models in the UK up to the year 2000 were all the 3SFE engine. However different engines got fitted to cars sold in other countries and I read about RAV4s that have the 3SGE fitted - also 2000cc

It may be that the RAV4 was fitted with the 1.8 in cars sold in Japan or exported to other countries. However the VIN plate on the car should be accurate - unless someone has done an engine swap later - which I would guess is unlikley due to the amount of work involved.

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Interesting case :) the car is 4 doors I forget to mention, autmathic gear-box. soon I have sheduled check in a sevice and tend to ask them as well. I also have doubts that the engine is changed.

Thanks for your answers!

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