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Car Pc On Aygo


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Hi Everyone!

I am gathering the parts to install a Car PC into my Aygo.

I have an EEEPC 701 with 1Gb Ram that's getting disassembled to fit above the standard Stereo.

I have a USB DVB-t Stick, to get it to watch Digital TV, and a power adaptor to power the PC using the Car's Loom.

I have a Pigtail to connect an external Wi-Fi aerial.

I have a bluetooth USB adapter, so that it works as a bluetooth carkit to take calls :)

I have MicroXP to use as an operating system, and Road Runner to use as the GUI for the Carputer. ( will also try Centrafuse, and purchase it if its worth it)

I am ordering a touchscreen panel off eBay to make everything easier to use.

My idea is to do something like these projects:



Now, a question for everyone,

does anyone know the part number for the stereo surround? I dont want to mess up the only one I have by cutting it up and fiberglassing everything :) the C1 or 107 parts would do :)

I am thinking on leaving 2 USB ports under the heater controls, for connecting a pendrive for example.

Will take pictures of the process once I start, and publish them here for reference :)



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AFAIK the partnumber from Toyota is 554050H010B0

But if you go to Peugeot or Citroën you'll be out WAY less money.

The number from Peugeot or Citroën should be 8211SG.

Just ask the dealer if you can point out the part on their computer,

if they ask for a licensce number or VIN, just tell them it's for a 107 or C1,

they're the same and these parts haven't changed with the facelift...

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Thanks Jan! :)

I will go to Citroen / Peugeot tomorrow to see how much they want for these parts :)

Already have the fiberglass kit, and the sandpaper, now all I need is time :)


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I'm waiting for the iPad 3G to arrive in Europe. Think that'll be an EXCELLENT CarPuter :D

It will be an excellent carputer indeed, but here in portugal it will probably arrive at more than 600€... so its not a viable option for me :)

I still havent purchased the stereo surround, but will try to get around to it this monday :)


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