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Service Data Sheets


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I have pinned all the Service Data sheets at the top of the RAV page to save people asking or hunting for them. Its a pity we don't have much on the 4.1s but if anyone has a pdf editor (crack) and can edit one of the files, I can provide most of the data to fill in.

Any takers?

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Mmmm, i don't think u can "edit" that type of pdf, effectivly it's now a photograph, however in theory u can screen print the PDF's u have (just press Alt and the print screen button (the alt just capures the open screen otherwise you get a copy of whatever else you have open (or if you have 2 screens you get both screens) then paste it into Paint (if you can't find it just click start run and type in mspaint and press enter)

you can then "draw" a box of the text that is then and then create a text box and add the details in. I will try and edit them at work to confirm though.

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You can't edit them without a password but somebody at work knows a way around that - he just won't be interested in RAV 4s!

I know about the screen print but its just time so if you don't mind that would be very helpful thanks.

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