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Air Con Safety Feature?

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As most people know, i recently changed my engine, cause i blew my last one.

One problem i found was my air con wasn't working after this, it would light up but the air con motor wouldn't kick in.

The garage guy looked over it again, trying to work out what he missed and why it wasn't working, but failed to solve it.

So, Mr T being local to me, i took it to them and got them to sort it out.

With a phone call later, saying it was all done, i asked why it wasn't working.

He told me it was out of gas, so after re-gassing, it worked again.

I asked, was this more of a safety feature then, but he replied it wouldn't work without gas to prevent the motor burning out, so i asked again was this more a safety feature but still failed to give a answer.

Would the air con do this, or is there something i missed??

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The air-con system has a pressure switch so if the air-con has no refrigderant then it has no gas to compress or evaporate. If empty the air-con compressor will not engage as it relies on the refrigerant which contains lubricant to keep its seals in good order.

The same principle applies to your home fridge or freezer - no gas - no work.:)

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