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Abs Light On

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The ABS warning light is not going out on our 54 plate Yaris 1.3. No previous problems and first occurred following start up from overnight as opposed to driving along

Any knowledge of common fault before I contact our local independent to see if they can diagnose the problem


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Almost 99% certain a wheel sensor has gone. Favourite is the passenger side front - due to exposure to grit and stones.

If you have a multimeter you can check it by disconnecting it from the ABS unit - connection inside bonnet beside wing - follow cabling from wheelarch - and measure the resistance. IIRC should be c 15Kohm.. (I can't recall but have posted about it before -


). If resistance is infinite a wire has broken or if it is nil there is a short.

Replacement is easy, I bought a non OE one for c £40.. Toyota are more than double. NOTE: they are HANDED - you must buy the correct one! See the connector colour white or black.

If it is a rear sensor it is built into the rear wheel bearing £200 list price - there is a post by someone on how to replace bearing.. But you can buy cheaper on eBay. OE surplus stock. If you are not competent, garage job.

I did replace son's front passenger side : easy. But I have a multimeter...:-) (cheap)

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It was the n/s/f sensor - daignosed and replaced by local independent Toyota specialist who we have used for years for the priceley sum of £21 labour

Thanks for info

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