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Problem With Car

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I have a corolla verso T3 '54reg and it has decided that it's not going to start, it has a full Battery charge, fuses are fine, all dashboard lights illuminate when the start button is pressed and the engine appears to make all the right clicking noises (how can you tell i'm not a petrolhead) but there is no turn over.

Can anyone give me any ideas of what could be wrong and any suggestion of what I could possibly do to sort it.


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You need to ensure you are getting an electrical feed to the SM first before you go spending money on a new one, could, just could be a waste of money if you dont check first ...

I made that mistake with my last car. Thought starter motor had gone and bought replacement from the scrappy. When my mate was getting ready to change it we noticed one of the wires wasn't connected fully. Connected it properly and it has worked fine ever since.

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put the car in gear and push - this usually free's the starter. if you can then start the car normally you now its the starter on the way out. i doubt its that tho - is the car not starting at all?

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