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Apple Ipad?

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Has any one got one or used one yet??

Are they better than a laptop???

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Hello long time no speak... biggrin.gif

Is the iPad a novelty or something you should invest in ?

There’s an awful lot of technology for your money and it’s going to be one of the cutest things you’ll own.

It also has great potential - the new capabilities that genius coders will come up with for the larger screen may be as revolutionary as the way the App Store changed everything.

Expect the iBookstore to add real value to the iPad, as yet another way to download content (like the App Store and iTunes) falls, literally, into your lap.

The frustrations are always going to be there, no multitasking, no camera, no SD card, but these are small wants that we are sure they will fix in version 2 (let the rumours start).

But then there are more significant drawbacks based around the concept.

It isn't a fully-fledged tablet computer, it isn't an ebook reader, it isn't a netbook.

It may do many more things and have the interface, but only time will tell whether it meets the demands that users have in this space.

The biggest catch of course is whether you really need it, especially if you've already got a TV, laptop and smartphone ?

Apple have pushed open a new category with the iPad and there is no denying that it looks very shiny, very shiny indeed, but some will struggle to justify it...

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Had a ten minute play with one in store. The iPad is not a laptop replacement. It will have multitasking when iOS 4 is released for it some time in the next six months, it will never (if you believe Mr J) have the capability to run Flash.

It will let you achieve lots of basic computing tasks, web browsing, basic email viewing and replies, creating presentations, letters, spreadsheets. It is a basic entertainment centre allowing you to read books/magazines, view/listen to podcasts and rented TV shows and films look through your photos. It let's you play app store games.

For typing I found it better to put down on to a surface rather than balance in one hand and for lots of typing an external keyboard is a must (for a real Star Trek gadget it should have full voice recognition).

In reality if you don't own a computer you can sync it with (or a mobile me account) then you will limit your use of it.

£429 is a big ask when a Mac Mini is £499 and an iPhone 3GS is about to be reduced in price. It really depends how much you will use it instead of your other devices.

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