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Seo Convertible

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As some of you already know, my poor seo was the victim of a hit and run a couple months back, and now it looks as if the :censor: woman who hit my car is going to go to court in favour of not having to pay so much to get it fixed, so I need to find out how many paseo convertibles were made! I've checked almost everywhere, and no one is willing to help me! I probably should have turned to you guys first, but I need your help now! Please help me to get the money i need to get my baby fixed correctly!

Cheers, mates.


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Might be wrong, but weren't they all made in one place? I've read it somewhere, if it comes to me I'll let you know. If you could find out where/what factory did em, they would have it on record I would think :thumbsup:

Sorry can't be more help, but good luck anyway :yes:

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The convertibles, after being produced as reinforced coupes, were sent to American Sunroof Company (now American Specialty Cars) and were made into convertibles. I've called both ASC and Toyota, and no one is willing to help me, or willing to check and see if they have any records. :crybaby:

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