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Just Joined, Hiace Advice


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hi all. just joined so hello to all but the honest bit is that I have a problem with the brake warning lights on my hiace van - there seems so many sub sections to this forum, where's the best bit to place a message about it to get some advice? cheers louis

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Welcome Louis :) .I don't know which section you post Hiace querys either :unsure: .What's the problem with the brake warning lights?

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Hi, thanks for that - this is what I'd like to post in the right place:

Looking for a recommended independant Toyota or brake specilaist in Bournemouth / Soton area. Any tips appreciated.

This is the problem:

Had to pull up sharpish yesterday in my 2000 Hiace van after a dodderer pulled out, brakes felt rubbish and only just stopped in time. Afterwards the brakes seem to go back to normal but the brake warning light has been flickering on and off occasionally since then. Took to local independant garage today who checked the fluid, pads, shoes, handbrake & low fluid switches - all good, right fluid level and all working fine, but the light still comes on occasionally which worries me particularly after the poor braking incident. P135 of the owners handbook refers to the tandem master cylinder where if either sub-system fails, you get the sympton I described plus the brake warning light comes on. Perhaps it's this but the garage tells me the brakes are fine and it could be a wiring fault (not convinced) - I have searched google for something similar but to no avail so any tips on why it's doing this or where I could find out would be really appreciated, cheers Louis

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My Nissan used to suffer from a very sensitive brake fluid warning light sensor.Although the fluid wasn't very much below maximum it was enough to flash the light on and off.If you know where the brake fluid resovoir is,check the level yourself just to be sure.Check the level when parked on level ground.Hope this helps :)

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