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Yaris Cam Sensor


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Hi everyone.I posted this on another part of this very good website,so I will apologise if it is in the wrong disscussion forum,as I'm new to this type of thing.

I hope some knowledgeable person on here can help me.

I recently bought a little Toyota yaris,it developed a noisy cam chain.

to cut a long story short,it was decided to replace the engine,(second hand) rather than new cam belt guides and tensioner etc.

All went well putting the new engine in place until we went to plug into the cam sensor.

The old engine has a cam sensor with three wire terminals.

the new replacement engine has a cam sensor with only two wire terminals.

First thought was we'll just switch over the cam sensors.

But on taking a closer look,the three terminal sensor is slightly longer than the two terminal sensor, so it would be get damaged by the cam.

Question is,if anyone knows.

Can the two terminal sensor be used ,and what 2 of the three wires would I connect ,and what is the third wire for

Hope I’ve explained this ok

The car is a Toyota yaris 998cc on a 51 plate engine type 1SZ-FE

The replacement engine came from a 2001 Y reg which incedently it has only done 15,000 MILES

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Hi Patdoc. Did you ever get to the bottom of this problem? Can anyone else help?

I have the opposite problem where my old engine had the shorter sensor with two wires and the new engine has a longer sensor with three wires. Assuming the new sensor must stay with the new engine, how do I connect the three terminals on the sensor to the two wires on the connector on the loom? The loom wires are black and white. The wires on the new sensor were black/yellow, white/black and red.

After fitting the new engine it will not start and indicates an ignition problem.

Both are 1szfe engines. The original was Japanese and the replacement is a slightly newer 2000 French engine.

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I'll leave others with more detailed knowledge to add the full story, but there are a number of threads on here stating that the French and Jap engines are not interchangeable.

Several people have tried it in the past and have had exactly the same issue regarding the engine not starting and have had to give up.

I think the issue specifically is that the engine ECU is unique to each version, but I think that even swapping over the ECU is problematic because the wiring loom is all different too....

Not had any personal experience myself so can't be clearer, but do some searching on older threads and you'll find more info....

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