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Can I Swap The Sprinter Panels To A Levin?


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I want to know if its possible to go from flat levin lights/front panels to sprinter panels (swapping them) and if so ghow many people think I should stick with my flat-lighted Levin rather than swapping bits over (if I could even find them) from the pop-up lighted sprinter?

let me no please :) I personally love the Sprinter but also love my levin.. the pop-up lights just Rock when it comes to that oh-so-special Initial-D Styling and just to see them come up Lazy-eye style with a little modding is cool too but then again I cant find ANY panels hardly :o Any ideas? cheers

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The Levin looks stunning however I think it has a slightly different design to the front bulkhead.

Someone here should be able to tell you soon.


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can be done what you need

headlights with brackets



and Light wiring loom (as the trueno has different bumper lights and has motors for the pop up lights)

not going to be easy to find the parts

If I was you I would leave it sell your one and buy a trueno (if you really want the lights)

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Damn you that's what I meant! That's why I shouldn't work till so late....... :lol:


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Ah... It doesnt matter then lol.. I'll stick with my Levin because the sprinter parts are like.. rocking horse :censor: although on my next visit to japan I have to goto some of the exporters and 2nd hand dealers (if there are any?!)

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