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Heater Blowing Room Temp Air

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Hi, new to the forum.

I have recently got a 53 Corolla T-SPORT.

Great car but the heater is not blowing hot.

The blower blows plenty of air

The A/C gets very cold.

I have checked the coolant, the pipes leading through the firewall are hot (not sure if they are the right pipes tho - thick 1 1/2" black pipes)

Temp gauge rises to middle in about the expected time, so presume thermostat is ok.

The only thing that appears out of place is in the "thing" behind the glove box, there is a removable panel (about 9" x 2") which a big gaping hole.

The air blowing through here is about room temp, maybe has a little heat in it.

Any all help greatly received.

Thanks in advance


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