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well friday i was busy working away the whole day at the garage i use. i turned up with this in the boot of my car:


it's a corolla G6 gear box, purchased from eBay for the princely sum of £99. i unwrapped it from the mutlitude of packaging: to reveal this:


and it would be going in here:


first thing's first bonnet off the get the crane in:


crane in and taking the weight:


then popped the rive shafts out leaving the hubs attached:


after lots of swearing, snagging and unplugging the last few connections of the back of the engine:


here's the empty, messy bay. if i wasn't driving this car home the same evening i would have taken the time to clean it too.


popped the old box off, again with the crane taking a little of the weight.


here is a quick comparison of the two gearboxes, the paseo 5 speed on the left, the corolla 6 speed on the right.


the corolla 6 speed comes with a left hand box mount that will need removing:


the paseo left hand torque mount will bolt fine to the same place on the corolla box, you might want to make sure the threads are clean though. Often people say you'll need to use the corolla linkages, but if you swap over the shift linkage mount from the paseo it has just enough throw to get in reverse, it's a bit hit and miss but it does mean you can just swap the box straight. (corolla linkage mount in hand, paseo linkage mount attached to the box).


here's the 6 speed on ready to go back in


slinging it back in:


the 6 speed has some awkward fins and vanes that get snagged on everything going back in, it's a real juggle.


engine now back in


and the final missing pieces going back on, like the bonnet!


all done and back on the road ready to take me home:


i can report the final drive difference between the paseo 5 speed and the corolla 6 speed is about 200-300 rpm

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Awesome job mate. I'm guessing that is the C52 Ally-Cap from the AE92?

Was always awkward with me, but I found the perfect way to remove it and slot it in without any trouble. :D

What were your main reasons for doing this conversion though?

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main reason was to improve fuel econmony as the G6 box has a slightly longer final drive ration than the standard 5speed the paseo comes with. but it's actually gone one better than that, have the extra gear mated with the 5e engine has turned the previously very sedate paseo into something a little bit more interesting. the gear changes come fast and smoother on this box and drop it nicely into the ITB's powerband. having replaced the suspension recently, swapping for tein springs and polybushed the ARB the handling is much improved. it's a joy to drive, made it a lot more fun than i thought a gearbox ever could.

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Hi, great conversion.

I have a 1990 Toyota Sera with 1.3 starlet engine.

Can I put a similar 6 speed onto my engine and will it fit back into my engine compartment?

Any advice will be very helpful


yep, the corolla g6 gearbox would go straight onto your engine with no problem and will fit straight back in. you sera originally had a 5E-FE engine in it which is the same as the paseo's one.

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VERY VERY COOL, did you use the same axles, same clutch and flywheel? ive already found a toyota matrix 6 spd at the junkyard im wanting to use. wondering if its the same type of swap, or if i would be better off looking for the g6 tranny?

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  • 8 years later...

I am wondering if getting the 99 Paseo/Cynos is worth it, as the age might be a problem for parts, i.e. Gearbox, clutch, and as some of my family said, the engine itself. I'm in Ireland, and wondering if you guys would know any thing about these queries like what models of gearbox is compatible and if the engine and everything is hard to come by. I love the look of the car, its more queries from my family.

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