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Hi all

I drive one of those funny little cars you normally see in your mirrows, getting very smaller,

Its a 1956 morris minor series 11 traveller, the one with the wood on.

In order to improve its cruseing speed, that is mid double digits, I was thinking about fitting a 5 speed box.

A lot of people fit the T50, but I have inherited a differant one.

It is a 5 speed, with alloy bell housing and rear section, with cast iron middle portion. No 80112617.

I beleive it came from a Toyota Celica 2.0L.

The top ratio is approx .85/1, which is about right for my needs, and I think I can make it fit.

What I need is someone to identify the box for me, as I will need a clutch plate, the sliding yoke to fit the prop shaft, and the rubber mounting for the rear of the box, they do not need to be new, just serviceable, the outer dimentions of the clutch plate would help, together with the type of Oil used.

The both splined shafts look approximatly the same size, 27.8 od 21 splines.

Thank you and regards Win.

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